August 29, 2014

Grub Street Saved from Gentrification!

As we reported in our previous post, a cash-strapped Grub Street writing center has told the world that it is barely holding on in the midst of a furious storm of gentrifying downtown development. But before it would be forced to relocate to some strip mall outside Route 128, come hell or high water it was going to establish the Literary Cultural District, which will safeguard both Boston's literary heritage as the "Athens of America" (because one good slaveholding democracy deserves another) and the city's current and much-remarked "literary renaissance." 

Well, now we don't have to worry any more – a source of funds has been found which will allow Grub Street to remain downtown in the Steinway Building, or at least somewhere else within our new Literary Cultural District: Eve Bridburg's salary.

(I've blurred out information on individuals who don't concern us here)

Yes, publicly-available tax documents obtained by this blog reveal that Grub Street's Founder and Executive Director earned a remarkable $104,020 in 2012. That's 3 times the median per capita income of the city, $33,000 a year.

Also impressive is the steep rise her salary has undergone in the last few years, from 60 grand in 2010 to 95 grand in 2011 – a raise of 35 thousand dollars in a single year, followed next year by another bump of 10 grand! And at that rate, who knows what her raise for 2013 might've been? 

All Ms. Bridburg has to do is return to her 2010 salary – still almost twice as much as the median Boston per capita income – and Grub will be flush enough to remain the stout tentpole of the Literary Cultural District.

And don't worry too much about our Executive Director: Her spouse is an extremely well-remunerated doctor with his own lab in the Longwood Medical District, so this great gift she is giving won’t pinch her family too much. This is an era in which we're all being forced to tighten our belts, and pull ourselves up by our own bootraps or be hoisted upon our petards or whatever, so it only stands to reason that the Great Mother of our Literary Renaissance will do her part, too.



By Jove, Holmes....!

Anonymous said...

The fun thing about transparency is they think you're never going to look, that you'll be too alienated to bother.

They also don't expect to have eyes capable of such critical thinking scrutinizing their mundane business forms, probing for weaknesses.

If they have a response at all it'll likely be something along the order of:
--executive compensation is tied to revenues under management
--based on industry comps

What they'll never say is that before they even asked their Exec. Dir. to carry the banner for the LCD, they realized they had to shore her up. Sustenance for her future leadership.

Very disruptive of you to focus on her compensation. If only for the internal dissension in the ranks it will likely cause!

Also, as you compare the forms year to year, be sure to note any changes in key personnel. You might luck upon some seriously disgruntled former employees ready to spill the beans on the whole rotten set-up. No wrath like that of someone who actually believed in the mission and was pushed out for that very reason.

Edmond Caldwell said...

Excellent points all, Anon. I did try digging around for the standard industry compensation for Executive Director of a nonprofit. One website,, gives 60K as the median and the range as 36K - 103K. By that scale, Eve has maxed out. But the site is a blunt instrument insofar as it lumps together everything; different types of nonprofit firms, different sizes, and of course different locations. Guidestar has a publication with more precise breakdowns but I've already donated one kidney to them already!

Here's a funny thing I did notice from the earlier Grub tax docs, however: When Christopher Castellani was Executive Director in 2008, he received only 50,000. It's after Eve's return to the helm that the salary started to rise to precipitously. Probably the job just got a lot harder, I guess.

Psychology Professor said...

Is it possible that Eve's salary rose along with her commitment to increasing property values in the proposed LCD?