March 27, 2009

Coming Soon to a Theater Near Me

My 10-minute play, “The Liquidation of the Cohn Estate,” has been selected as one of the fifty plays by local playwrights to be produced in this year’s Boston Theater Marathon, on May 17.  It’s the first play of mine to be produced and I’m a little staggered to think that I’ll get to see actors on a stage speaking words that I have written, especially in a line-up that includes plays by Robert Brustein, Alan Brody, Melinda Lopez, and Israel Horovitz, among others.  Get your tickets and get there early for good seats on the big day, because it’s always crowded, or as they say around these parts, wicked crowded.   

March 19, 2009

New Story at SmokeLong Quarterly

A new story of mine, “Night Vision,” appears in the latest issue of SmokeLong Quarterly, along with a short interview, “Smoking with Edmond Caldwell.” 

Whether its impending publication had anything to do with my compulsive decision to start smoking again a couple of weeks ago is anybody’s guess.

I can however say that I’m in excellent company, smoking along with the fine stories and interviews of Sarah Black, Bill Cook, Thomas Cooper, Scott Garson, Shane Goth, Tiff Holland, Tim Jones-Yelvington, Darby Larson, Tara Laskowski, Samuel Lee, Charles Lennox, Ravi Mangla, Heather McDonald, Jen Michalski, Gregory Napp, Susannah Pabot, John Riley, and Ania Vesenny.  

My story also has the great fortune to be paired with a haunting photo by Simonetta, who can take photographs and play the harp at the same time.

Non-smokers are invited to huddle around the entrance.