April 5, 2009

New Story at DIAGRAM

Of course I love all my robot children equally, but I have a special fondness for “A Shorter Organon of the New Science.”  Maybe that’s because it’s appearing in the new issue of DIAGRAM, one of my favorite online literary journals and certainly one of the best designed, where it gets to play with the post-human progeny of Ted Burke, Matthew Cooperman and Marius Lehene, Weston Cutter, Lightsey Darst, Nicole Cartwright Denison, Ashley Farmer, Idris Goodwin, B.J. Hollars, Tim Horvath, Sophie Klahr, Rickey Laurentiis, Yew Leong Lee, George Moore, Gregg Murray, Jennifer Tamayo, and J. Townsend, in a playground of schematics including a Crimean Goth Eating Bread, the Life Cycle of a Marriage, and Animality and Disgust: Results.