August 1, 2010

Rubber Chickens

Controlled atmosphere killing

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Controlled atmosphere killing (CAK) is a method for slaughtering animals such as chickens by placing the animals in a container in which the

atmosphere lacks oxygen and consists of one or more of argon, nitrogen or carbon dioxide, causing the animals to lose consciousness. Argon and

nitrogen are important components of a painless gassing process which seem to cause no pain, and for this reason many consider it more humane

than other methods of killing.

Portable units are available. Controlled atmosphere stunning has been used both within processing plants and on-farm for euthanizing poultry. One

portable unit type that costs US$2,500 can be pushed down the aisles of a barn, with 200–250 hens per load being placed inside a CO2 enriched

chamber. Hens are unconscious within 20 seconds of being in the chamber.

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