August 4, 2010

New Fiction at > kill author

The new issue of > kill author is out, this one dedicated to Vladimir Nabokov, who died of a viral infection in 1978 (and rolled over in his grave when The Original of Laura was published in 2009). It features new work by Andrew Roe, Cameron Pierce, Cezarija Abartis, Cheyenne Nimes, Daniel Carter, Daniel Romo, David Backer, David Laskowski, Elaine Chiew, Frank Hinton, Gregory Sherl, Jack Boettcher, Jennifer Spiegel, Jessica Newman, Lauren Becker, Matt Mullins, Melissa Lee-Houghton, Mitch James, Rae Bryant, Raymond Farr, R.L. Swihart, Ryder Collins, Sheldon Lee Compton, and Thomas Bunstead. Oh and a little piece by me called "A Paper Moon," one of my recent experiments with incorporating appropriated text.


Shiona said...

“What are you doing up there,” he laughs, “with pigeon shit all over your head?” His people are younger than mine.

I liked this piece a lot

Edmond Caldwell said...

Thank you, Shiona!

Steven Augustine said...

Unanalyzably luvly.