November 6, 2009

Poetry / Empire / Pineapple / Everywhere

(US Patent Number 3557851)
An axially reciprocating shell contains radial knives which cut annular slices of pineapple into segments. A rotary tubular knife projecting axially into the shell cuts each segment while the segmented slices are still within the shell. The diameter of the tubular knife employed determines whether the inner, outer, or intermediate portions of the segmented slices are cut. The shell is reciprocated by an eccentric mechanism, with the rotary support for the tubular knife being interposed between the eccentric mechanism and the shell.


Roberta said...

I like 'eccentric mechanism.' I know a few people who probably have eccentric mechanisms.

This is definitely oddly accidentally rather rhythmic, in the manner of the-arm-bone-is-connected-to-the-shoulder-bone or something.

It made me want to eat pineapple.

Edmond Caldwell said...

Yeah, "eccentric mechanism" is the high point. The whole thing has a rather sinister ring to, and made me want to steer clear of pineapple slicing mechanisms.

Dallian said...

i was thinking exactly what edmond was thinking, haha.
very interesting. thanks for the post.