October 30, 2010

New Fiction at Lamination Colony

Lamination Colony 2010 is up, a throat-in-rags death rattle of a final issue, featuring 46 writers. Go and read it, especially if throat-in-rags and death rattle strike you as a contradiction in terms. My bit is in there, too, "Valley of the Dolls." Thanks to the editor for being cool with the formatting issues and getting it just right.

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HumanProject said...

I fell for it! Yes, I thought those were real women, factory workers in their dormitory, crammed into their bunkbeds, stacked like dolls. We've seen orphanages in Africa with the room lined with beds ... okay, but that was bunkbeds, just two layers. I've seen school dorms in China lined with beds, the girls' computers hang from above on a tray, their private items literally under the mattress, oh but those were bunkbeds, just two layers... oh these are dolls....!