January 28, 2010

New Fiction at nthWORD

"Finally to get her to stop calling he told her what he really thought of her little stories. Metafiction was out, he said. It was so nineteen seventies. Now it was all a return to psychological realism with sophisticated deployments of free indirect discourse, or close third to dummies like her, and organized around epiphanies that reconcile us to the way things are. When she was older she would understand."
now at nthWORD


Steven Augustine said...

Possibly my favorite of your short fictions, Comrade EC (it opens a very large door in the wall) but in its published format I can't copy and paste bits to trumpet them at TET! Ha-RUMPH.

Edmond Caldwell said...

Thank you, comrade Augustine! I was very happy when nthWORD accepted it, although some of the rejections that had preceded it were eye-opening (i.e. two by editors of well-regarded litzines whose remarks showed that they didn't realize the final sentence was a direct lift from Joyce's 'Araby'). Very scaraby!