August 20, 2009

New Story at The Legendary

Q:  What do you get when you cross a Jim Thompson novel with a chupacabra petting-zoo and grill whatever's left until the meat slides off the bone?

A:  Something like the sensibility of Jim Parks and Katie Moore, legendary editors of the webzine The Legendary. 

Check out the August issue, online now.  It’s potluck, but with fiction servings by Errid Farland, Jill Weinberger, Chris Castle, Rachel Cann, M.E. Purfield, Brandi Wells, Timothy Gager, Brent Powers, Steve Glines, Jeffrey S. Callico, Ryan McBride, Ryan Burden, Liz Haigh, and a little story by me called “Clue,” you’re sure to find something to make you wish you’d brought along a bushel of those individually-wrapped sanitary hand-wipes.  Enjoy.  

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