November 19, 2008

Cremasters Wake - a found poem

The Order: From Cremaster 3
(2002) UR
The middle installment of performance artist Matthew Barney's controversial Cremaster film series concludes with a chaotic set piece that unfolds in New York's Guggenheim Museum.
(1985) R 
Dr. Harry Wolper (Peter O'Toole) is an eccentric scientist who can't forget the wife he lost to childbirth 30 years ago.   

(2000) NR 
A sinister funeral director is interrogated for allegedly mixing the remains of the bodies his funeral home cremates, and this investigation provides the framing story for the four short films that follow.
The Cremators 
(1972) PG 
Adapted from Judy Ditky's short story "The Dune Rollers," this byzantine sci-fi yarn stars Marvin Howard as research scientist Iane Thorpe, who innocently removes some strange "stones" from the sea -- and lives to regret it.   

Heavenly Creatures 
(1994) R 
From the director of the Lord of the Rings comes a chilling true-life drama about an obsessive friendship that led to murder.   

The Future We Will Create: Inside the World of TED 
(2007) NR 
Hailed "the hottest gathering in the world" by Wired magazine, TED (Technology Entertainment Design) is an annual event where an eclectic group of brilliant minds exchange bold ideas for the future.   

(1984) R 
Astronauts and scientists exploring Titan, one of the moons of Saturn, discover ancient remnants of an unknown civilization.   

(1999) NR
A compelling, no-holds barred look at gender ambiguity, Creature examines an often misunderstood subculture through the journey of a young transexual woman, Stacey "Hollywood" Dean.

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